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Talking Re: xfx gtx 260 black vs 8800gtx sli

I had SLI 9800GTX+'s and the GTX260 Core 216 is deffinitely a better performer. My 3dMark06 score dropped when going from SLI to a single card setup, but that's just numbers. It is more than equal to my previous setup with the 9800's. I don't even see the need to get a second GTX260... and I have had SLI since my first computer build(SLI - 8800GTS 320mb, 8800GT 512mb, 9800GTX+).

The G200 series is the frist card since the 8800GTX that deserves to wear the GTX badge, there should have never been a 9-series "GTX".

The 8800GTX held it's ground for so long, now there is finally a card worth upgrading to.
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