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Originally posted by Jericho
If you read the review on this site of the BFG Ultra card you can see on page 2 that he states BFG added extra capacitors on the end of the card contrary to the Nvidia reference card. He shows pictures of each.

This is probably why the BFG cards don't have the flicker problem. The "True lifetime warranty" is one of the main reasons I chose BFG.
In your reference to my review I just wanted to clarify my statements which were:
In comparing the two images below of NVIDIA's reference design card and BFG's production card note the extra capacitors on the BFG card near the tail. The NVIDIA image is a pre-production shot though so this isn't an apples-to-apples comparison. I just thought it was interesting to see the added capacitors on the production card.
I stated that the top image was a pre-production shot and that it wasn't apples-to-apples with what *may* have been a final production version of the reference design. If that is the case (and the later production version from NVIDIA included the extra capacitors) then it's a moot point.

Also worth noting is that in my Q&A emails with BFG they confirmed that they made absolutely no changes to the card from the final NVIDIA reference design.
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