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Default Re: Official Brother in Arms Hells Highway thread

Got this game during the Steam sale... here's my impressions after a couple hours.


That pretty much sums it up. Details: looks very imressive I think, especially with AA/AF forced through the control panel. I'm not a fan of UE3 but this game has some color and a general open feel that I like, and some of the textures look stunning (much improved over the console version, judging by the 360 demo).

I'm playing on Veteran difficulty and don't really feel the need to be tactical yet, but I'm only 2 hours in (saved in the cemetary leading to the church). I generally just hang back and pick every enemy off myself with my rifle. Still, at times the game forces you to flank, so it does a good job making you use the base mechanics of the game.

All in all I am surprised and very thrilled with the quality of the game. I never played a BiA game before, figuring they were Call of Duty clones and Call of Duty was enough for me, but I was wrong. I bought the older titles and look forward to playing through them as well. Woo-hoo!
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