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Talking (Gigabyte's) 285 GTX spotted, only 2x 6Pin Power needed!

Has caught the attention of users NVIDIA GF GTX 285 formal arrival!? Small mind brain today visited the scene found two field Shop Capital and Centralfield demonstrated in the display window GIGABYTE latest GF GTX 285, model GV-N285 - 1GH-B, the so-called single-card imperial GTX 285 using the 55nm process, built 240 Stream Processors, and more power than previous generations GTX 280 significantly reduced to 183W.

GeForce GTX 285 using 55-nanometer D10U graphics core, built 240 Unified Streaming Processor, 80 months Texture Filtering Unit, 80 months Texture Address Unit, and 32 Raster Operations Unit, the core clock to 648MHz, Sharder clock to 1476MHz, memory body clock was 1242MHz.

In addition, GeForce GTX 285 with 1GB GDDR3 memory, power consumption significantly lower for the 183W, compared 280GTX dropped the 236-power, 285GTX more need to use only two 6pin power supply interface to operations and reduce system power supply requirements.

According to the brain field staff, said the scene took the lead in the GIGABYTE GV-N285-1GH-B is limited to goods, Capital and Centralfield the price of two shops were HK $ 3399 and $ 3200, since the introduction of benefit after the home welcome, only the remaining 1 ~ 2 spot.

excuse the googleese, but you'll get the point more or less.
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