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Hi, again

I'm quite new to linux also - and i just reread my post, and find it not very clear (woops!)

1) Debian testing (or unstable) packages are not unsafe to use. I find Debian very conservative and I often run programs from testing or unstable to be a little more up-to-date.

2) I dont think you need to compile the entire kernel to install the nVidia drivers. As I read it you only need to compile some kernel interface files (= few files).

When I was in the installation procedure after it looked at the nVidia site to download (but didn't find my kernel) I just said yes to the next option (which I remember to be something like "compile kernel interface"

Before I started the installation program I had typed

export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-2.95

because I read it on some other forum. It is to use the same compiler version as the one that compiled my debian kernel.

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