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Default [180.18] NVIDIA proprietary driver prevents machine from shutdown

Hi guys. Finally I'm trying to switch back to NVIDIA proprietary driver from "nv". Currently I've one major trouble. Just after loading nvidia binary module and starting machine will not poweroff/hibernate correctly 30-40% times. Last message that is displayed is "Power down.".

And I should turn laptop off by pressing power button for 3-5 seconds (like in times of "AT" cases where power shut be turned off by hands). In case of hibernation, system corrrectly resumes next boot.

I'm sure that there were no such problems in times of 173.14.xx drivers. Also it looks like there are no such problems with opensource "nv" driver (I've reproduced this once, but probably by unloading nvidia kernel module by hands, so on tainted kernel). "nouveau" is not affected too.

Hang is happes in neverending loop at drivers/acpi/hardware/hwsleep.c:
        do {
                status = acpi_get_register(ACPI_BITREG_WAKE_STATUS, &in_value);
                if (ACPI_FAILURE(status)) {
        } while (!in_value);
This is verified by adding printk's and recompiling kernel. Generally this code should be unreachable, since machine should be turned off a few lines ago.

So what does nvidia do with ACPI? Any way to debug this? Or maybe some workaround for this?
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