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Default Re: Windows 7 Intentionally leaked???

Like I said, I wasn't trying to offend anyone, I'll leave it at that.

But on topic, the article is full of FUD, when was the last time that something MS was releasing didn't get leaked? They hand out beta access like candy.

I'm glad it was posted on the DT blog; there is hardly any real investigative reporting. They may have interviewed me to give my 2c on the subject.

Every major build of windows has leaked since the dawn of time so it seems (I can't confirm that pre-xp, I don't even think I knew what a torrent file was when I was playing JediKnight II on Windows 98. . . ).

Beta 1, Beta 2, RC1, RTM of Vista (both x64 and x86) were leaked.
So far, seems like every major build of Windows 7 have also been leaked. Build 7000 is just a Beta 1 build. Expect the next leaks to go Beta 2, RC1, RTM. Microsoft has these builds fairly available to anyone with MSDN/MS Beta access.

Oh, also Windows Server 2008 was also leaked.

I really think people are looking at this too hard, this isn't Showtime releasing a crappy rip of Dexter the season premier two weeks before it airs to generate excitement. Its just people leaking Windows because they can.

And there will also be x86/x64 versions (why? I really wish I knew).
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