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Default Re: Maximizing Visuals in Crysis Games?

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I'm also using FSAA (4xAA).

As for the POM/AF question... I prefer AF, looks much sharper.
Have you tried rygel's high res textures?
You don't really need POM with those textures...

Eliminator, with a good DX9 config Crysis is very playable with AA at 1080p. You don't need Tri-SLI for that.
The first level is borderline playable on my system with the same res in DX10 VH with 4xAA, dips into the low 20s quite often.
well i was averaging 40fps or so at 1920x1200 in the first day level in crysis with my custom dx9 very high config... 4x AA would probably put it in the 20-30 range... i would need another GTX280 if anything
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