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Default Re: Best heatsink to OC Q6600?

Originally Posted by wolzen View Post
the tuniq tower would be my cooler of choice, but it's a tad annoying having to install it

rendered my raidmax motherboard foldy tray useless

i have my q6600 overclocked to 3.4ghz and it's only like 38c on the cores
I'd advise against tuniq. I had it with my q6600 3.6 and just replaced it with a tru 120 black edition. Suffice to say with two fans on the true there is less space, my temps idle are 7c lower then with tuniq, load temps 12c lower then tuniq and fans spin less ingame making the system quieter. Although on that note I did lap both my cpu and true 120 black for maximum perfm.
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