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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Previews/Reviews!!

Originally Posted by BABIC View Post
Nice PSU but there are better ones out there that cost a good bit less than the one you paid for.

$99 before MIR 52amps on a single 12v rail

$119 before MIR 60amps on a single 12v rail and 750 watts.
But I compared all features and all the PSUs that cost less than the 620hx, and they missed out on one or more little features or what mite be considered one extremely important feature. I'm referring to an extra bit of fire protection is one thing. The 620hx PSU, besides having all features u could ever want in a PSU has a piece that many leave out. (sry but its name does not come to mind.) And that part or piece will shut down the PSU instantly- and permanently- before it catches fire and prevent fire from occurring. That is mostly for insurance for ur PC and not necessarily ur house.

It could help save all the components in ur PC. Therefore u would only replace the PSU that has a five year full warranty, and NOT ur Video Card, MOBO, Case, HDDs, etc. need I say more. Many reviews on PSUs came down hard on PSU engineering for not including the preventive measure and how it does not add much cost to building the PSU. And if a less expensive PSU did have that feature, which was/is rare, it always would be missing something else that was maybe performance related.

The 620hx has ALL features. It just can't handle the newest of SLI/CF; although many ppl have used it for older SLI/CF and even a few ppl for newer SLI/CF. I bet it can handle a single GTX295, depending on ur definition old "handle" of course. But why not just get something a little more powerful like u (BABIC) suggested above for a single GTX295? (620hx is sweet for the GTX280 and better for the GTX285.)

*Back to the GTX295s! (sry)
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