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Default Re: Would my PSU handle at 280GTX?

Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
We have only just had the PC Power & Cooling PSU's arrive in NZ. Still only a limited range and nothing over 750 watt. Personally would like a 1200 watt myself.
Unfortunately Newegg does not ship internationally. The 1200W is on sale too but not a lot. The 1000W is a good sale deal at $219 (US) + S&H(normally >$400 US). I do not need 1000W ...not sure 750W is justified but am adding another half-dozen disks and a WC rig(w/ DC pump) in the new build so better safe than sorry, . ...
However, wattage is overrated. The "wattage" of the PSU comes naturally as a result of the voltage*current by number of independent rails. The *current* supplied at the various voltages(esp. 12V), the response & hold time and stability of the unit is much more important. PC P&C people know that and design for it. They back-up their claims with 5 year - 7 year warranties too.
I have EE background and can state unequivocally that most (PSU) companies lie to consumers by way of omission and, thereby, take advantage of the ignorance of the potential customer. Consumers are not all supposed to have EE degrees or even, ithink, tech degrees to be able to get a quality PC PSU. ... Anyway, I despise most of them. ThermalTake-your-money has been the worst at it(or best, depending on POV). PC P&C does not hide the important specs for any of their PSU's. ...of course one has to pay a lot for the quality and honesty.
PC P&C has always been out of my budget for a PC build. I took advantage of the sale & would rec' that anyone who can should also. (Rebates currently end on 16th ...)
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