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Default Re: Windows 7 Beta leaked

I'm testing this out now. Mainly because of the updated Media Center, but even without that I have to say I'm really impressed. I've always been kinda pro-Vista - always thought despite its various faults it was an improvement on XP - but this is excellent. I haven't done any gaming and to be honest thats the least of my worries.

A stable, clean and responsive OS with well thought out features is very important to me however and up till now I've had very little to moan about. NVIDIA drivers work fine, Audigy2 drivers work fine. My network is up and running.

The new taskbar in my opinion is an improvement. I can understand why it sounds a bit weird to mix taskbar items and icons (I read Paul Thurrot's take on it and he makes sense when he bashes it), but it works pretty seamlessly if you ask me. I'm still using ObjectDock, but now I only have 5 icons on it. Everything else goes on the taskbar. I have no problems differentiating between open windows and those just sitting idly on the bar. The open ones have big boxes around them!!!
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