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Originally posted by thcdru2k
woh OGL? isn't d3d faster and better?
Well, OpenGL doesn't have the initial pause when loading a level (that isn't much), and it does feel a little smoother on my machine.

That is, I can run at 800x600x32 with all details maxed and 2x FSAA and 8-degree aniso decently in OpenGL, but not so in Direct3D (this is with a GeForce4 Ti 4200).

On a personal note with the 40.41 drivers, I don't think I'm going to touch them again. They were primarily released for NV30 emulation support for developers, and really don't have much business in pretty much any gamer's machine...just too buggy. Fortunately, they do lend hope for the next version of the detonators...the vastly improved control panels will be great once they're fixed.
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