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Default Re: xfx gtx 260 black vs 8800gtx sli

Originally Posted by mickk44 View Post
Hi all, i have a dilema.
My pc has 2 nvidia 8800s gtx running sli and i just bought an xfx gtx 260 black.
This was for a pc that die a few days before it arrived and incidently will not have the new sli pc for a week.
So i was wandering if anyone could tell me if the 260 would be any better than the 8800 gtx set up.
The pc is a dell 720 h2c and has a phys x card too.
Thanks in advance for any help.
The 2 8800GTX cards will post higher average FPS than a GTX 260 will. I'm not 100% but I believe they are even slightly faster than 1 GTX 280. It might depend upon what you are running.

Either way the GTX 260 should be able to hold it's own in anything you're going to play, so I would probably just use that if you needed to.
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