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Default Re: I see so much beauty, but inly in VR

I agree, the game is before it's time. That's a bit sad though because the graphics and physis really are amazing in this game. And i think this type of games really should have it.

It's true what u say that other games bleak in comparision. But as it goes for most of us we kinda "get use to" the graphics, and that concerns Crysis too, it's most amazing and coolest and beautiful in the start, after playing it for a while that will decrease and u wont think of it so much. That's my way of viewing it. I believe thanks to Crytek other game dev's will be pushed and maybe inspired to create better looking games and games with better physis. New up here is Cryostasis witch have pretty advanced physis but also have impressive visuals. And its a bit rar or odd game from a not-so-well-known develooper. An upsticker maybe.
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