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Default Re: beta 96.43.09 small problem

Originally Posted by pi4630 View Post
Hi, nothing of the above for me worked (except for the latter post, which I didn't try, because I'm not willing to accept those side effects). My graphic card comes with a GeForce 4200Ti chip.

I am curious about this: why does ubuntu come with a beta driver? On nvidia's site, I see that the latest (stable?) driver for my card is 96.43.07 (see Did someone try to use that one instead of the beta? How do I install this one - apart from doing it the nvidia way - as a .deb? I've looked into Synaptic Packet Manager, but there's only the 94.43.09 available - all other driver series do not relate to my card.

Yes, we are curious all. It is the question for NVIDIA and e.g. CANONICAL. If you have Ubuntu 8.10, kernel 2.6.27 you will install only patched binary driver 96.43.07
And in repositories is only 96.43.09 beta .deb package, unfortunately.
When the final release or next release for this driver? Who knows...
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