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How are you W7b users finding HD to HD file transfer speeds? Any improvement over Vista?
Ive been using SP2 beta which pretty much has fixed the transfer speeds. I dont find it any slower. I havent clocked it but you dont get 5 mins of calculating before it actually does something like Vista did. Everything I've done in this OS is faster than XP. In fact Windows 7 7000 is the only OS I have installed right now.

There are a few bugs, with UAC disabled the gadgets won't load. Leaving it to the lowest level fixes this. However with UAC enabled every boot up EVGA Precision gives me a warning. To get around that just go into the app evgaprecisionwrapper.exe and right click, set to always run as admin - so now I run the lowest UCA, gadgets work and I dont get notifications on every boot. Its a work around but it works effectively.

Another issue is when installing GTA IV you get an error on the C++ SP1 installation. However if you go in and install it before the installation from the stand alone file in the 'files' directory on the DVD it will install fine and you wont get an error from the installation of GTA IV. Another small problem with GTA IV is when installing the GTAIV.exe (second part of install after RSGC) you must use compatibility for XP SP2.

These have been present since 6801 so I've always found work arounds that work. Still this OS is so fast it's worth some of these little nuances.
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