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Default [BUG REPORT] 8600M: gnome-terminal refresh and performance problems

Since sticky post was saying to file a bug report if I'd still experience performance problems here it is. Even scrolling this nvnews website is horribly slow in firefox (though, I must say, that nvidia is very close to nv driver with 180.18, but still it is still way too horrible).

Another, and primary, problem with 180.* (<=180.18) is that vte (gnome-terminal, guake, etc) often don't redraw themselves with Compiz, especially when using Midnight Commander. This is extremely serious and prevents me from using Midnight Command (with Compiz) at all. For example: sometimes, when pressing keys (like PageUp/PageDown when viewing some text file), there is nothing changed on the screen, but pressing Ctrl+L shows that it just didn't draw itself properly, these forgotten redraws are very confusing.

As this often happens with complete vte redraws (like PageUp/PageDown in Midnight Commander) with Compiz enabled, I'm not sure what it is related to. But, since I see it a lot less with 177.* it might be some regression in 180.*.
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