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Default how to set XVideo attributes for TV out?


I'm looking for a way to set xvideo attributes (brightness, hue, ...)
for the TV out of my Geforce2 graphics card. Unfortunately, as soon as
I enable TV out via twin view (which works great otherwise), this is
not possible anymore. According to xvattr, no Xv Adaptors with
settable attribute are available then. Only "NV05 Video Blitter" is
left, while "NV10 Video Overlay" and "NVIDIA Video Interface Port"
(which would support xv attributes) are gone.

Is there any way to set these attributes with twin view TV out

There seems to be a tool []
for this, but I rather need an API than an GUI. Does anybody know
if/how nvtv can be used like that? Does it work with the latest nvidia
drivers or do I need a particular one? I'd like to do something like:
Atom attr_HUE = XInternAtom(display, "XV_HUE", False);
XvSetPortAttribute(display, port, attr_HUE, 1 ) ;

Here is my setup: SuSE 8.2, XFree 4.3.0, nvidia 4496 drivers, Geforce2
MX 400 with a Chrontel 7007 TV Encoder. The relevant part of
XF86Config is:
Option "TwinView" "on"
Option "MetaModes" "640x480, 640x480"
Option "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT, TV"

Many thanks,
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