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Default Re: Can't enable XGL

Specifically, the problem I've had is that the combination of X and Compiz eat processor usage as if it's going out of fashion, looking like the graphics work is being done mostly by the processor. On a normal boot X+Compiz eat anything from 10% to 40% (observed from using "top"), and obviously starting more applications like the TV makes processor usage go up.

However, before Beryl was axed, I used X+Beryl and it would use 5% of processor no matter how hard you pushed the graphics, used stupidly computational useless intensive effects like snow and / or moving the 3D box around. The graphics card was doing ALL the graphics work.

Obviously the software has been updated, as have the drivers. The one thing though that has not changed is the hardware.

So I can't figure what is going on, and would like the processor usage to drop considerably.

I have a separate issue when installing the nVidia drivers where all the screens showing the installation process have allthetextinoneline - no character spaces, also the next screen does not clear the previous, so the text over-writes the previous screen making it impossible to read. That problem has never been identified as what is causing it.
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