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Default Re: Screenshot Thread 2009

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Playing Gears of War again on hard mode... runs perfectly on max settings and looks amazing. The 360 version is so fuzzy/muddy and the PC version really looks a lot better, more than most console ports. Shame so many people bashed the PC release.
I like it as well, but it was bashed because it had legitimate problems - massive stuttering on cards with less than 512megs (and even then setting texture detail the highest will still involve stuttering, especially on the PC centric levels), buggy GFW live implementation, no dedicated server, no digital download release, etc. Still, even on my 9500GT (ddr2!) it runs smoother and looks better at 1280x800 than the 360 version.

Real shame Gow2 isn't coming though, it's superb. I probably play it the most of any game with the exception of HL2. The thought of running at 1080p at 60fps....sigh...will probably never happen.
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