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Default Re: (Gigabyte's) 285 GTX spotted, only 2x 6Pin Power needed!

Originally Posted by I♥GFX View Post
Anyone know possible pricing for the 285s?

Tigerdirect is selling BFG 280 OC edition for $295 btw, pricing is dropping fast.
The GTX280 is more interesting price performance wise if you ask me.

The GTX285 will cost about 100 more than a GTX280, and a GTX280 can be overclocked to GTX285 values easily.

I'm thinking of getting 2 280's instead of 2 285's. Saves me 200 euros, and with some clocking I have the same FPS results. GTX280 is insanely cheap atm.

Okay, a 285 can be overclocked too, but its not worth the extra money imho.

GT212 will be.
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