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Default Video tearing with Compiz & nVidia !Fixed!

Video tearing with Compiz & nVidia FIX
For many years, I had video tearing problem with all videos and Compiz/effects enabled.
Yesterday I've fixed with this "pass":
1) Sync to VBlank enabled on "OpenGL settings" and X Server XVideo settings.
2) Downloaded from "deb intrepid main #Compiz Fusion" last updates.
3) Open CompizConfig (downloaded from Synaptic) -> General -> General Options > Display Settings tab -> Refreshrate changed from 50 to 60Hz and Sync to VBlank enabled.
4) On "session" (application loaded on boot up of gnome interface), I've added a new command: "nvidia-settings -l".

Now World of Warcraft, Videos and all seem to be with Vsync ON.

I hope it's an good help/fix for all :P

This is my system spec:
Ubuntu 8.10 x86_64/amd64, nVidia 8800 GT, nVidia driver 177.80, LCD LG L204WT 60Hz, 2.6.27-9-generic kernel.

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