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Default Re: [BUG REPORT] 8600M: gnome-terminal refresh and performance problems

Originally Posted by X-Dimension View Post
Did you have this problem also with the driver 173.xx and 177.xx Versions?
Many users report this problem with Geforce 8200/8300 IGP. The 173.xx driver series works much better, but has no sound over HDMI and also no VDPAU.
Well, I didn't check it with 173.xx, but I did check it with 177.xx that is shipped with Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), and I believe I still had the redraw issue with compiz, although it was much more rare (if it was at all, since I'm not sure/can't remember).

As for performance, 180.xx is worse for me than stock 177.xx that is in Ubuntu 8.10. And both are so horribly slow that they once again squeezed me back to Vista. I hope performance and other problems would be resolved by the time Ubuntu 9.04 is released, until then I won't even try to touch this buggy crap again.
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