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Default strange color with dvi output and lcd

After another problem with diferent format with my ps3 and other things, I've decided to make a little media center.
I've take somes pieces to make my computer for to connect it to my LCD sharp.
I've found on a old computer a geforce 5200. I was thinking that with the dvi output and a cable dvi-hdmi I will be able to watch my videos in good quality.
It quiet works but I have a big trouble with colors.
On the LCD the black become a strange green.
I've tried on another LCD and now it's become pink.
It works on a standard computer screen.
I've put all news drivers, format my computer, tried all differents settings, tried to find the answer on the web but the problem is still here.
I've made a search on the forum but didn't find anything.
Does somebody already had this problem and if yes did he find the solution ?

ps: I'm using windows xp

(sorry for my english)
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