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Default Re: How to improve my 260 (216 cores) OC?

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
TB303, you look to have pretty much reached the OC limits or your card. There is much more to be gained by upping your FSB anyway. 450x8 on your CPU would give a nice gain over 400x9. Messing with the GPU OC any more will only gain you a % or two in terms of performance and will really be straining you card.

Just my opinion

EDIT: If you still want to get more out of your card, try dropping the core a little (700mhz ish) and raising the memory OC.
Thanks People great advice! Will try 450*8

Regarding lowering the Shader clock, they seem to be linked, the more I lower the shader the more I have to Lower the core clock, even if I use Riva Tuner's 'Unlink frequencies'. - Am I missing something?
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