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Default Re: 10,300 3DMark2001SE any good for TI 4200?

Originally posted by Danno
Hey guys, is that score good for a G4 TI4200 at stock speed?
Also, if I moderately OC this card, what speeds can I expect to reach?
yes 10300 is a good score, but it may not be a reliable one. What I mean by that is I notice you are overclocking your AthlonXP by the FSB only. 3dmark is VERY sensitive to an FSB over 133mhz.

I've seen people with Duron's and R8500 come close to my score in 3dmark simply because they clock the hell out of there FSB, and 3dmark doesnt know how to handle it correctly.

3dmark is kinda bleh... lol
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