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Default Re: New screens from Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

Originally Posted by WCG View Post
Flashpoint wasn't popular for it's beauty, it was for it's gameplay. I remember online gaming is a custom level with some friends.

We got in a littlebird and flew low for about 5-10 minutes up a coastline, dropped in, and moved up slowly towards a town, on the outskirts of the town was a gas station and a house which we'd use as a staging ground for our assault. Our target was inside an embassy ish looking building near the center of town, once we took him out, we had to escape, we'd steal some vehicles and proceed to the next little town down the road.

A single successful play through would take us like 2 hours. If it can run a little smoother than the original, I don't really care if it still looks ugly. It was nothing but fun.

One of my fondest memories was having an 8-person LAN of OFP, we started with a beach landing, having to move up the shoreline through some modest forestry and take out some MG bunkers (sounds a lot like Omaha I know, but it totally wasn't). Then we spread out and had to take out these fancy ammunition depots atop some small mountains surrounding a valley, followed by stopping a convoy attempting to escape and finally moving in to take out some key bases and 'rescue' some hostages.

Didn't really explain that in a way that makes it sound exciting, but when there were 8 of us in an all-out war, co-ordinating to take out all these installations and just doing our best to survive... God it was nice. Ended up taking about 2 hours to finish.
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