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The first version of the map will be released together with the next tenebrae version which will be early this weekend.
This is from the email that I have received today ! So we might have another version of Tenebrae this weekend !


Personally, I`m looking more to this than to Unreal Tournament 2003, which has disappointed me from engine standpoint due to low-poly count on characters and a lack of some cool graphics effects (at least playability is the same as old UT1).
But Tenebrae has it all. How come that UT2003 doesn`t have bumpmapping (or at elast I didn`t spot one) ???? And this was supposed to be better than doom3 engine...

I also hope that next version shall have smoothed character animation. But the rippling effects on water look unbelievably real ... (although they were having fun that you`ll need a GF6 to play it fast (probably over 10 fps :-) )

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