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Default Driver fails with different errors (WAIT, DVC error etc) after RAM upgrade to 6GB


today I did a hardware upgrade, installing additional RAM and a new hard drive.
Now after booting up the system again, the nvidia driver fails to initialize on Xorg startup with various errors, means on each startup a bit different things happen:

* it takes a while, then I get an "out of range" on the DFP and it goes into powersaving, leaving the keyboard dead for anything other than sysrq+reisub
* it takes a while until the X server crashes and I'm back on the fb console (attached that one)
* I just get a black screen with a not-blinking cursor in the top-left edge, keyboard dead.

Currently I'm using "nv" driver, so basically the card works in 2D at least. Kernel and nvidia driver version remained unchanged actually, but I tried an older kernel too without success.

I have no idea whatsoever is going on. The new RAM is fine, I touched the metal heater before touching the PC, so I don't think I broke the video card. I also tried disabling TwinView etc.. no go.

Any help would be appreciated.

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