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I can't give you exactly the right answer to your problem, but it seems easy, more easy that you could think. Punctuation doesn't seem to be of common use in your posts, so that doesn't make the messages really easy to understand and usually, telling more about your linux configuration (what distribution, what option did you choose on the installation, etc.) can always help.

If you're very new to linux and know nothing about it, I'd recommend you to first read few FAQs and HOWTOs (or the mini- versions if you're lazy), just to know the basic things you should know to use linux properly. You can find of them on linux site and and also on many other websites you can find on google or/and your favorite search engine.

The message you have means a program isn't installed on your system and you need to install it in order to properly run the program you tried to first launch.

As this is a forum about GNU/Linux and FreeBSD nVidia graphics drivers, I'd suggest you to post your current problem about binutils in an appropriated forum, like comp.os.linux.misc (this is just an example, there are probably better newsgroups for this) on Usenet or linux forums for beginners on the web.

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