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Default One more shot at 169.12 vs 180.18 beta

hey guys,
well I am going to talk about this once again.
the 'fix' that has been implimented in the current drivers where window do not max across both monitors on dual monitor set up is still the most irritating "fix" I have encountered.

That image shows the shiftswitcher in compiz fusion with the 180.18 driver.
Ugly as heck,because , as all plugins in compiz fusion they default to the primary monitor for the most part, however with 169.12 it spanned both monitors and was quite spectacular!
I really enjoy the better performance of the 180.18 driver however I cannot deal with the other issues. Full screen videos and plugins in compiz fusion bening shown one one screen is not effective. nor does it look right.
I would prefer that the newer drivers had a tick box in the setting to allow for that "workaround" that was in 169.12 to allow fulls screen videos , windows maximizing across both screen etc.
I am going to be stuck on this kernel because the 169.12 will not install on current kernels.
The previous explanations such as _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS or writing a patch for mplayer to allow fulls screen videos is not going to solve the compiz fusion plugins video issues.
Please tell me that this can be implimented in the current drivers !!

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