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Default Cannot log into KDE4 desktop with 180.xx

This is quite an unusual situation. I have been using the beta driver for months without issue, until two days ago I could not log into the desktop. There was a user already logged in so I stared a new X session for a new user. This is normal operation for me as my laptop generally have two active X sessions for days. The new session loaded the kdm screen without issue. Once logged in the screen froze after the kde load window, showing only the kdm wallpaper. I still have an active mouse and even get the kde chime which indicate the apps are loading. Checking my .xsession logs confirmed that the apps actually loaded or attempted to load. I am unable to log into any window manager from kdm. The frozen screen remains the same. What makes this situation unusual is there was no change to my system when the problem started and it has never happened before. Also weird is there are no errors in Xorg.0.log nor .xsession (unusual error that is). I was also one of the lucky ones with the 180.xx drivers working almost perfectly. The desktop windows slowed a bit after a few days of running but this was corrected by login out then back in. Mostly only one user had to log out to restore system performance.

Switching back to the 177.xx driver solved the problem, but I am stuck with the horrid KDE4 performance. I didn't see any other occurrence of this issue here but I doubt this is unique to me.
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