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Default Re: One more shot at 169.12 vs 180.18 beta

Hey AaronP,
thanks for the suggestion, however I did try that this time and once before with no changes at all. Still not able to get full dual monitor videos and again some of the compiz fusion plugins are a bit wacky looking this way
here is the comparison of desktops and shiftswitcher enabled the first with the 180.18 driver and the second with the 169.12 driver;;

I really feel stuck between great performance or great looking compiz fuison.
I cant have both with the current drivers and I cant install any newer version of ubuntu because I cant have the great looking along with great performance. At least on hardy I have a choice.

I hope something else is possible.
It just isnt full screen dual monitor videos it is also compiz fusion not working properly., visually anyway.

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