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Default Only 60 Hz with beta driver 180.18


I have put together a PC for testing out VDPAU and MythTV.

This PC is connected to the same TV as my production MythTV box which feeds the TV via a DVI to HDMI adapter with 1920x1080p at 50 Hz. I can also choose 24, 25, 30 and 60 Hz. When I use the info button on the TV remote the TV reports the correct frequency.

With the new PC the TV reports 60 Hz regardless of the frequency setting on the PC.

I have checked the xorg log on both PCs and see that all of these modes are validated on both PCs.

I have also tried to switch the PCs between the two HDMI connections on the TV in case there should be any differences to them but with the same result. The EDID captured from the two HDMI connections are identical.

The production MythTV box is running OpenSuse 11.0 with drivers from the Nvidia repository and a FX5500 card.
The test PC is also running OpenSuse 11.0 with the 180.18 beta driver and using the onboard GeForce 8300 graphics on an Asus M3N78-EM motherboard.

Is this a limitation in the beta driver?
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