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I have a problem with my new Gainward 9800 GT 512Mo.
My computer was running perfectly with a 6600 GT with nvidia drivers 177.80, on an 64 bits ubuntu 8.10 distro, with an E5200 dual core, 2 Go of ram and a 500 W power supply.

I only change my graphic cards, and then begins the problems: random freezes (which can come 10 sec or 3 min after the boot)... When I come back to the nv driver, everything run perfectly again.

I play a lot of games (CS 1.6, UT2004, Warcraft 3, doom 3, etc...), so i really need a good open GL performance.

This is my tests:
-nv Driver: stable, but no hardware acceleration

-177.82: random freeze (my computers completely hang on, even the magic keys don't make anything)
-180.17 BETA: really stable when I don't use open GL, they instantly freeze if I want to do an open GL stuff . For example, GLX gears freeze just after the first apparition of the "13000 fps".

-180.18 BETA: really stable when I don't use open GL, but the fan of my graphiccs card don't turn, and instant freeze with open GL. Compiz and other stuff aren't activated.

My /var/log/Xorg.0.log told me that there is an "infinite loop" (I didn't notice exactly this words)

I googled every thing for more than 15 hours, but I don't find what's the problem.

Could you please help me?

Thanks (and sorry for my english language, I hope what I wrote is understandable)
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