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I WAS a big fan of moving to x64 but found it to be nothing more than a headache. Performance in CPU intensive apps if x86 coded sucked. There aren't enough native x64 apps to make it worth my while. I also couldn't print to a shared printer attached to an x86 Vista machine. I liked using my extra ram however, but meh.

After using betas of W7 from 6801 up I've realized x64 at this time is still nothing more than a marketing ploy. Sure it sounds good but unless developers start writing x64 versions of everything the WOW emulation just kills the performance of alot of x86 applications. Winrar, QuickPar run extremely slowly in x64 vs x86 and when I've got 10 - 20GB files I'm extracting or repairing it can be extremely time consuming on x64. To date there are no x64 applications for either of those apps. Like you guys mentioned there are a few apps that DO benefit from x64 but those are few and far between and not worth losing the performance that the others lose.

As for the networking in Windows 7 I've had no issues sharing with XP and Vista at all. In fact I found it to be superior to Vista's networking which did have issues sharing with XP machines.

Looks like tomorrow build 7000 is to be released to the public for consumption. I've been running 7000 as my only OS since I've gotten it. I love it. Everything works and I've found the OS to run very, very well. Faster than XP even. I've finally found a worthy replacement to XP. I urge you guys to all try it, you will see that Windows 7 is the superior Windows Operating system. I've been able to run W7 on my laptop with only 1GB of ram. Something Vista wasn't able to do well. Vista was awful on my laptop, but W7 is as snappy as XP has been on my laptop.
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