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Default WoW issues- especially since upgrade

So I've been an avid WoW on Linux fan for a while. My old Graphics Card (a GF7950x2 thingy with 2 GPUs) ran WoW nicely, and everything was hunky dory for the longest time. Then Wrath of the Lich King hit and I've been having problems running WoW under Linux since. A recent upgrade to a GTX260 card has exacerbated the previous problems to the point the game is now completely unplayable under Linux.

The symptoms are that WoW will chug along happily (with graphics performance about equivalent to Windoze !), then caused generally by a rapid movement (such as turning at speed, or zoning to another zone) there will be massive graphical corruption (giant triangles all over the screen) followed shortly thereafter by WoW erroring out. If I hook up gdb, it appears there's a segfault happening, but it's in spurious places. The one sane error I seem to get regularly is a double free problem in, which is why I am posting here. Sadly I have yet to capture the double free error.

Note that WoW works fine under Windoze, with the NVIDIA drivers. Sadly, I have windoze very very much...

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