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Exclamation EVGA GTX 295 Quad SLI!

Here it is

As expected, these cards are extremely fast, and have no problem beating my previous triple GTX 280 setup. Check out the performance! Also, surprising to me, in most games the GTX 295 has a higher minimum FPS!

1920x1200 - 16xAF - High Setting
3xGTX 280's= 56.9FPS
2xGTX 295's= 59.4FPS

World in Conflict
1920x1200 - 4xAA/16xAF - Max Settings
3xGTX 280's= 88FPS (35FPS minimum)
2xGTX 295's= 86FPS (42FPS minimum)

3DMark Vantage
Performance Setting
3xGTX 280's= 31,963
2xGTX 295's= 35,329

Crysis Warhead
1920x1200 - 4xAA - Enthusiast Settings
3xGTX 280's= 38.86FPS
2xGTX 295's= 44.22FPS

FarCry 2

1920x1200 - 4xAA - Ultra Settings
3xGTX 280's= 108.28FPS
2xGTX 295's= 119.31FPS
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