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Default "stable" 180.22 driver breaks X start


Having blogged here: Linux Software Blog I've been unable to install any of the 180.* drivers onto my PC.

This includes the stable 180.22 driver. This is my process..

> telinit 3
> sh --uninstall
--------- * followed all the prompts on the uninstaller * ---------------
> sh
--------- * Follow all prompts in installer * ----------------

I've done this manual uprgade process successfully since 169.** to 177.**.

The behaviour now...
Once the upgrade is complete, I reboot my machine. I get past the Fedora "plymouth" boot up process. The screen then goes dark. At this point, I would expect the nvidia logo to appear, followed by the gnome login manager. However, the nvidia logo does not appear (leaving it 10 minutes+). This means that I had to boot from my USB stick, edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf to
driver "nv"

to allow me to reboot to X to allow me to downgrade to 177.82 to allow me to login in again with my nvidia driver.

So nvidia devs... what am I missing here? I would be sure that "--uninstall" would remove all trace of the 177.82 driver??

My system
Fedora 10 x86_64
4gb memory
AMD 6000+ X2 64bit

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