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Default Re: Driver fails with different errors (WAIT, DVC error etc)

Le_Pedagogue, you attached the log generated with "nv" driver. You need to generate it after the nvidia crash, but before you start X with nv. E.g. boot into init 3 instead of 5 (no idea how debian's runlevels look like).

Today I bought a new device, a 8500 GT.

Now guess what...
Similar issues, just that it always acts the same: xorg starts, screen goes black, with non-blinking cursor in upper left.

Attached is output from the brand-new 8500 GT on my Gentoo box with 180.22 drivers.
I also tested on OpenSUSE 11.1 with 177.x, same result.

PS: I forgot to mention that I tried removing the new additional 4GB RAM, but the problem remained, so I suspected my video card was broken. Now with the new card also not working in a similar fashion, I have no idea what's wrong...
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