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Default Re: Windows 7 - 'best version of Windows ever'

Originally Posted by DRen72 View Post
Well, thats great if you like the new taskbar, but its quite confusing to me. There are several articles on the net pointing out the same issues I have with it, namely the fact its confusing to tell which program is a pinned one and which is not. I think if they would just leave quick launch in place instead of trying to integrate it then my complaints regarding the
taskbar at least would resolve.

Quite true. Crappiest Windows ever award goes to Windows Millenium IMHO. Vista overall with SP1 is actually pretty good now. XP is perhaps the overall best and Windows 2000 was the most stable. That OS never crashed.
it's hard to gauge the "best" windows when one was used for 6 years and the others were only around for 2-3 years at most.
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