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Default Re: Windows 7 Beta available 1/9/09

Originally Posted by Bearclaw View Post
What was that problem all about?
Instructions and Resources
MP3 files
When MP3 files are added (either manually or automatically) to either the Windows Media Player or the Windows Media Center library, or if the file metadata is edited with Windows Explorer, several seconds of audio data may be permanently removed from the start of the file. This issue occurs when files contain thumbnails or other metadata of significant size before importing or editing them. To avoid this, take the following steps:

To protect your MP3 files
1. Before you install this Beta release, back up all MP3 files that might be accessed by the computer, including those on removable media or network shares.
2. Install the Beta release of Windows 7; then install this update (KB961367).

If you do not want to install the update, you can avoid this issue by setting all MP3 files that might be accessed by the computer to read-only before starting either Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center or before editing MP3 metadata with Windows Explorer. To do this, in Windows Explorer, find the files, right-click them, click the General tab, and then select the Read-only check box. Once you have installed the update, you can safely reset the read/write status of your MP3 files to your preference.

Got the other pc put back together, but apparently it doesn't see my IDE drive in my 780i by default. Going to see if I can find some drivers it likes.
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