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Default Re: Hacksaw + Evercool = ?

Originally Posted by einstein_314 View Post
Ummm, I presume the heatpipes aren't connected together then? I mean the one you cut off and the one you left on. Because if they were.....your heat pipes won't work anymore. They aren't just squished copper tubes. There is an actual fluid that travels through them. The fluid evaporates when it gets to the hot part and flows through the center of the tube to the cool end. When it gets there it condenses and flows back to the other end through the fibrous material that lines the inside of the tubes (kinda like oil wicking in an oil lamp).
I'm pretty sure there isn't anything inside of these pipes or I should have seen something come out after I hacked them off. It's actually just 2 seperate pipes that went from the Northbridge cooler to the MCP. They aren't needed now as there is nothing to transfer heat from. You can't tell from the pictures but you can see the ends of the pipes where they come into the MCP.
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