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Default Re: nV News Widescreen LCD Club (formally DELL thread)

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Pic doesn't show up for me.

Is this the monitor that you have? If so, what do you think of it? It is within my price range, but I just don't want to purchase it only to be disappointed. I don't have any experience with Hanns-G so I don't know how reliable a company they are.

Would you mind commenting on the monitor, if that is indeed the one you have? Thanks.
Pic should be there now, sorry I had removed it from my server and uploaded another one. Just forgot to update the link

I have this monitor actually which I believe is the same. I read on hardforum this thread before I bought it and I read the HJB was the version to get as there was another one. I'm not entirely sure what the difference between the version is but it was on sale for about the same as the newegg link you posted so I bit.

I don't have many gripes with this monitor, my main was the viewing angle I originally had it on the 2nd tier of my desk and I was able to see some color washout as It was too high for my eye level. Once I moved it to more of my eye level my eyes are square in the center of the screen now as opposed to looking up it, the picture was much better.

I also had to fiddle with the contrast/brightness to get the IQ up, but so far i'm LOVING it. I mainly play FPS's and I watch a TON of bluray movies on this. My collection is about 70 strong and growing I did notice as with any large LCD that low quality videos look like **** blown up though. If your wondering about input lag, I made a video and uploaded it to Youtube to give my buddy overseas an idea of it.

Overall I'm very pleased and am very happy I didn't go with a 24inch which I was originally planning. If you want me to take any pictures of games/movies macro shots or anything feel free to ask and I will get them for you as soon as I can.

Take a look at the following dir for pictures of The Dark Knight and Wanted in 1080p as well as some macro shots so you can get an idea of the pixel size. Keep in mind, i'm not that great with a camera
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