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Default Re: 180.22 now declared stable, what about repository?

Wow, what an over-reacting thread this is.

The driver RPMs hosted in this location are entirely built, maintained and supported by Novell/SUSE.
NVIDIA hosts them as a courtesy to Novell, however all problems and support requests related to
these RPMs should be reported to Novell via their bug tracking system:
No clue why they do that but I'm fairly new to opensuse but it seems they do not update much of their kernel stuff after release which includes nvidia driver. In this particular case, since it shafts laptop users, I say its actually justified to remain at the 177 series despite how much it sucks. Anywho, just uninstall the packages and install the "nvidia" way. Opensuse is pretty good about not conflicting with it.

ps. I've been an experienced ubuntu user for years and its broke things with nvidia more than once, even when I opted out of installing ubuntu's packages for drivers (too out of date). They've only recently gotten things more straightened out. Not that I agree with this archive embedded shell script bull**** either. We all know where the drivers should be.
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