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Default Re: 180.22 now declared stable, what about repository?

Originally Posted by Sevarus View Post
I do believe that you're talking out of yer butt. I use Ubuntu and manually update using the nvidia sh method and have NEVER had a problem with X being for my own tinkering.

Don't talk FUD just because you have had a problem. Verify that its REALLY a problem first, eh?
Due to the fact that I never really used Ubuntu myself, but am a supporter in one of it's official communities, I guess that I was not the one facing that problem.

Giving the fact that there are several manuals on how to install the driver manually in Ubuntu, including and , and the fact that even googling for Ubuntu nvidia API mismatch gives you a load of results, I guess I am not spreading FUD here. Plus I never needed to bring on personal insults instead of arguments.
But if you still don't believe me, then just set up a vanilla ubuntu, download the NVIDIA installer, install all the header files needed and run the installer without any additional steps. After the next reboot you should get a conflict between the nvidia kernel module and libraries, resulting in the API mismatch message and a not starting X server.
Of course this problem does not occur if you know how to install the driver manually on an Ubuntu system, but normal users don't know, neither this is mentioned in any official manual because it is not the standard. That's what I said with ubuntu screwing up driver loading mechanisms.

So, watch your language, maybe think before reacting that rude and double check whether your opponent might be right after all. To pass back your argument: just because you didn't face a specific problem doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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