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Default Re: Poor performance for full-screen flash, geForce 8200

Originally Posted by pataphysician View Post
This has no effect for me, performance and cpu % are the same either way, both in firefox and Opera.

Are you using a 8300/8200 ?

Also, I'm running 64 bit Ubuntu with the 64 bit flash alpha release. I had the 32 bit flash with wrapper earlier and it didn't perform any differently with 173 177 or 180 than 64 bit flash, I believe I tried unselecting hardware acceleration under 32 bit flash with no effect also.
I tried in both 32-bit and 64-bit.. neither showing an improvement.

I did not try Opera for more than 3 minutes (a few weeks ago), but the 3 minutes I gave it did not show any improvement for me on my 8200, but I can give it more of a try.

I also tried every flash 9/10/gnash plugin I could find. Again, no magic bullet.

There may be many contributing factors (Flash, Firefox, whatever)

BUT...the one VERY conclusive change I made to improve performance was to roll back to 173. I think that provides a VERY easy corner case for the devs to test.. it works well here, it works badly there.. only one variable, go figure out why. Once that is fixed then we can change out the other variables.. but until the nvidia driver is fixed, none of those other knobs can be turned far enough to make a significant enough difference for the tougher Flash sites (Hulu HD, The Daily Show)(these sites play with no issue under Vista)
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