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(Xfree 4.3 - Redhat 9.0 Nvidia drivers 1.0-4496)

I'm sorry this isn't an answer, just a comment.

I have a number of cards at our offices:

Gforce2 MX (Chrontel Chipset)
Gforce4 MX 440 (NVIDIA encoder)
GForce4 Titanium 7200 or something, (Nvidia Encoder)

NVTV only works on the GForce2 not on the GForce4's

All those fancy switches like Option "TVOverScan" don't work on the GF2

Using Options in XF86Config :-

XFree86.0.log reports all ok for the GForce 4's

But overscan does absolutely nothing under any circumstances.

I have tried settings for combinations of TV only, cloned and spanned desktop.

If anybody comes up with an explanation as to why the overscan modes don't work or how to get them working, I would be glad to hear it.


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