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Default Re: Soft freeze with nvidia 9500 GS and driver 180.18

Originally Posted by helmotz View Post
UPDATE: I had freezes with 173.xx, 177.xx, 180.xx . It seems that disabling RenderAccel in xorg.conf can improve the situation. The problem is that without RenderAccel 2D performances can become really a nightmare. Moreover it seems that disabling RenderAccel has good effects on various kind of graphical corruption problems that I was experimenting in kde applications (these graphical problems appeared after 173.14.15).
I would want, if possible, to receive some feedback from NVIDIA people at least to know if they are aware of these problems.
I installed the release 180.22 for testing seeing if the freeze still happens. Meanwhile I discovered that the graphical corruption that I was experimenting in kde application depended on the "--loose-binding" option in compiz. Removing that option those bugs and similar bug that I saw in rdesktop and openoffice disappeared. compiz-manager was responsible for starting compiz with the guilty parameters.
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